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Why OCM?

Because everybody wins!

Owners will stay in touch with what's happening in the community, keep track of security issues that may occur, know when major works or improvements are planned or simply generate more community spirit. What is more, owners can advertise their property for sale or rent, publish any second hand item they may want to sell, and access invaluable information relating to local services.

Presidents will be appreciated for a thankless job, as it allows them to easly improve communications, keep everyone informed throughout the year and achieve more effective AGM's. Reduce time and effort with our easy-to-use managing tools and keep track of all your past & future issues in just one place.

Administrators will be able to create an effective line of communication with the President, the Committee, and the Owners without having to substitute their preexisting management software. It will save them time by reducing repetitive tasks, as reports and minutes can be easily posted for owners to view and letters or messages can be send to individual members or groups. It will also save money, as the use of the OCM applications reduces the influx of calls received by owners.


What's more, OCM supports 11 different languages. The user can send a message in their own language and then can be read by other users in one of the contracted languages

1. Efficent committee meetings and voting
2. Reduces administrative and repetitive tasks
3. Inmediate access to Community information
4. Multilingual communication
5. Task management and Forum
6. Centralised document storage
7. No software installation
8. Login and Privacy manager
9. Display Newsletters and Archives
10. Increases management efficiency and productivity

Your Community will Benefit from using Online Community Manager

OCM is an integrated set of web tools combining membership, event and community management for the committee and owners alike. OCM offers many advantages, including an affordable pricing structure and is available as a web-based program that will work on any internet connected computer; PC, Mac or Linux.


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