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Special offer to all communities using OCM
Unlimited Legal Support
for everyone in your community,
the owners and the president

Receive legal support in your community

Felix Lopez is committed to the goal of helping communities prevent problems and lawsuits before they arise - through education and training.

As a result of more than 13 years of experience practicing commonhold law, Felix has developed a level of knowledge and understanding that gives me him an excellent record of positive outcomes and prompt and effective collections for the client.

By staying fully informed about changes to commonhold law in Spain, Felix is able to keep upto date. Equally by interpreting the law and the community agreements in more simple terms, he has succeeded to recommend changes that are to the benefit of the community and bring the documents into compliance with changes in Spanish law.

Felix is efficient and committed to helping communities effectively plan and maintain their budgets.

Through his support, education, and training, he has helped many communities maintain budgets, collection of fees, while keeping good relations in the community by preventing problems and lawsuits.

Subscribe to 1 year of legal support* by email for the president, the comitee and all owners for €500/annual and receive a copy of F. Lopez book "Commonhold Law in Spain"

*Unlimited legal support only by email within 48 hours and answers that will always mention the particular section of the law applicable and any judgments passed with similar facts.





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