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On this section you can see your property details. It will allow you to opt in for paying the community fees by direct debit. If you choose this option, a new button will be displayed reading “Edit Bank Details”. When clicking on it you will be prompt with a box asking you to enter your account number.  Once finished please click “Save” to register your account or “Cancel” to quit.

You will also be able to see a list of your properties and their basic details:

  • Property: The property number
  • Coef: The property’s coefficient
  • Ref: The optional reference used by the administrator
  • Primary: In case of more than one property, select your primary one.

This information will have been put in place by the webmaster or president after registering the site. If you need to modify any of these details, please contact the person in charge of your community site.

The last box is for those owners that do not live on the urbanisation. By clicking on the box a small form will be displayed requesting the following details:

  • Complementary Address (line 1)
  • Complementary Address (line 2)
  • City
  • Postal Code
  • Country

Once finished press the “Save Changes” button to save your settings.

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