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My Profile

On My Profile tab you will see on the first line the username (in bold) that was assigned to you when you were entered into the system followed by your condition on the community (Owner or Tenant) and your role on the community (Administrator, President, Vice-president, Committee Member, Community Staff). On the far right you can read when the profile was created.

Following you can see the user’s details

  • First Name: To edit type your first name here.
  • Last Name: To edit type your surname here.
  • E-mail: To edit type a valid email address. This will be used for sending you information regarding your community.
  • Preferred Language: Select from a dropdown list the language in which you want to view the community site. This can always be changed either by selecting a different language on your profile or by using the language selector available on each page of the website on the top right corner.
  • Image: To change your profile’s picture please click on the “Change image” button. You will be prompt with another box asking you to choose an image to add or replace the existing one. When clicking on the “Browse...” button you will be able to select a picture from your own computer. This image should be in JPEG format and the measures should be 100x100 pixels (any other sizes will be resized to the default size). When the image has been selected please click on the green tick button to apply the changes.

Extra details

You can also add some Extra details to your profile. Tenants are only allowed to add their mobile phone and specify when they want to receive the community reports.

  • Mobile Phone: To add a mobile phone select your international code from the dropdown list and then add your mobile number on the input field beside the dropdown.
  • Receive Community Report: You can choose to receive community reports daily, weekly, monthly or never, by selecting your preferred option from the dropdown menu.
  • Collective Name: The way your neighbours may now you (e.g. John and Mary)
  • Alternative Email: A secondary optional email that may be used to contact you
  • Work Phone Number: Optional
  • Home Phone Number: Optional
  • Country of Residence: The country where you usually live
  • Hide My Personal Details to Other Users: This will hide your details from other users using the system (e.g. on the “Contact Owner” section)

Once finished press the “Save Changes” button to save your settings.

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