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Notify Representative

By completing the second section which is the proxy form, you can already click the form, which will register your proxy vote in a list available to the administrator and the president ready for download prior to the community meeting. However your representative may still be unaware of your intentions or may not be able to attend the meeting. Section iii allows you to notify your representative of your intentions, where by entering their email address they will also receive a notification by email that informs them about your request asking he/she to represent you at the upcoming community meeting.

Your Email: This is picked up automatically from your profile. The representative will receive an email as if it was sent from this address.

Email of representative: Enter the email address of the person who is going to be your representative at this meeting.

Language of Notification: This is very useful when you and your representative do not speak the same language, which can happen in certain cases. While you are filling in this form in one language (e.g. English) it could be that your representative speaks another language (e.g Spanish).  This is option allows you to select the language of your representative and therefore the automatic notification that is sent to your representative will be in the selected language. See Figure example of a notification received in Spanish by a representative.


Once you have submitted the form you will be able to view the proxy votes that you have sent in the first section of the proxy vote form as seen in screenshot. You can always review or change these proxy votes at any given time.


NOTE: Although you can still send or change your vote on the day or even minutes before the meeting, it is possible that the administrator or the president may not be able to receive the latest updates. So it is always advisable that you do this up to a day prior to the meeting. 

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